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Oct 10 '14

deepfriedrainbows asked:

apples are LAME


Its name is Groglak the Destroyer. 

After conquering the entirety of Space Quadrant 4 with its Might Apple Armada, Groglak decided it was finally time to settle down.  Groglak left its Armada in the trusted hands of its WarCheif, Zuette the Merciless.  Groglak took a small freighter ship and headed for the planet Earth.  It enjoys long hikes in the woods while maxing and relaxing.  Groglak’s hobbies reading, writing, and breaking the fabric of reality with its psychic abilities.  Groglak is currently learning to play the Banjo.

Favorite book: Art of War - Sun Tzu,
Favorite animal: Intergalactic Death Narwhal
Favorite show: Veggietales 

Groglak hopes you’re having a nice day.

You go Groglak

Oct 10 '14
Oct 10 '14


No no no, this is the best superhero.

Oct 9 '14

I can finally get Smash brudders for the 3DS
my heart,
it can’t take it 

Oct 3 '14

pilumvane asked:

how are the apples doing

Here is your apple


its name is Olive.
Raised by wolves, Olive learned the many ways of the forest.  Olive currently works as a Ranger at Navajo State Park in Colorado.  Many of Olive’s free hours are spent educating wildlife.  Over 30 bears have learned to read through Olive’s program.  Unlike most apples, Olive likes to stick to a Routine Schedule.

Favorite Instrument:  The Fiddle
Favorite Tree:  Sycamore and Apple

Olive would like to go hiking with you.

You go Olive~!

(ps sorry for the blurry picture)

Oct 1 '14

overlordzerato asked:

An apple in my honor please.

This is your Apple!!

Its name is Tabetha, 

Tabetha is currently a Junior studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan.  Its goal is to graduate with all A’s and so far is succeeding with flying colors.  Tabetha is currently a captain of a local Rugby club team.  They play other Rugby clubs across the nation.  Tabetha enjoys painting miniature models in its spare time. 

Favorite book:  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Favorite Genre of Music: Punk rock 

Tabetha hopes your having a good day,

You go Tabetha~!

Oct 1 '14

moogleface asked:

Uhhh *sweatdrops* apples or appels?


This is your apple!

Its name is Godfrey,

Godfrey was Born into a immigrant Germanic family.  Obsessed with its roots, Godfrey spent many hours studying the History of its Apfel Ancestors. Godfrey happily shares and spreads its culture with events like Oktoberfest and Erntedankfest.  Godfrey currently travels around the US hosting Polka Events.  It plays the Accordion. 

Favorite animal:  Pferd
Favorite song:  ”the Famous Polka” TMBG

Godfrey wishes for a happier, friendlier world.

You go Godfrey~!

Oct 1 '14

dualityofsquid asked:



This is your apple.

Its name is Louis,
Louis graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University with a Major in Molecular Biology.  Hobbies include, bike riding, long walks on the beach, and crocheting.  Louis has recently picked up the Cello.

Favorite color: Avocado Green
Favorite song: “September” - Earth, Wind, & Fire

Louis is currently looking for work. 

You go Louis~!

Oct 1 '14

There are a lot of apples outside
message me about apples and I’ll pick a apple in your honor

Sep 27 '14
Gourmet Race is still one of my favorite things ever and I think Kirby should be taught in School.

Gourmet Race is still one of my favorite things ever and I think Kirby should be taught in School.